Tiki Caliente 4 in Palm Springs


This will be our first event as a OFFICIAL Vendor.  We will be bringing the whole store out to the event.   Come out and see us in Palm Springs.

Here is a little bit of info on Tiki Caliente 4:

Tiki Caliente is an Event to celebrate the Art,Drinks,Sounds and Smells of Old School Hawaiian Living. Tiki Caliente is a great way to Unplug from the modern day world and escape into a more primitive style entertainment and relaxation

Tiki Caliente 4 will take place on May 18-20 2012 once again at the Travel Lodge,Palm Springs and is promised to be the Best Tiki Caliente so far. With our original goal of keeping this a smaller event and a more personal experience, we will NOT exceed 500 people.

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