Tiki Culture in Custom Cars & Hot Rods

For as long as the custom car has been around people have been adding a touch of Polynesian pop to them.

I was at the TIKI Marketplace at Don the Beachcomber’s last week and saw this very cool truck.

Full Tiki Treatment to a Suzuki Samurai

It is a Suzuki Samurai that has been Tiki’fied and a flair of OD military.  I love the way the owner used tiki torches and skulls.  Reminds me of something right out of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland or Jurassic Park.

There was a Tiki show last summer at Don’s called “Tiki Highway” and I totally forgot to post pics from the event.

Here is a few of the coolest with TIKI!

The van above had the best TIKI decor out of anyone at the show.  I would love to have the time to make something this awesome.

This van was much newer then the  old Ford van but I do not remember what model it was. It was a very tall van.  Maybe a Mercedes commercial or Volvo.  It was totally setup to go camping or beach cruising.

Nice TIKI bar inside another old van!

The rest of these pics are just some very cool cars that were parked at the show!

Beautiful old 47 to 54 Chevrolet Truck!

Rat Rod or Hot Rod?

Custom Ford Ranchero

Fantastic Green and Orange Ford Thunderbird

Well thanks for looking and I will be at a lot more car shows this year.  I am a hardcore Hot rod and custom car guy.  I love the fact that my love for TIKI and cars goes together.

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