COMING SOON! Brand NEW ” Shrunken Shriner ” Tiki Mug by Mahalo Tiki

To all our Tiki Fans….   We have been working with John Mulder to create a very awesome Tiki mug for you.  We call this bad boy the ” Shrunken Shriner ” tiki mug.

John did a wonderful job of taking our concept and turning it into reality.  The colors and the details are absolutely fantastic.  Now this mug will be done in a brown glaze and then a green glaze.   I am calling one brown leather and the other rotting green.

Shrunken shriner Head Tiki Mug by Mahalo Tiki

Here is the final glaze on the ” Shrunken Shriner ” head tiki mug by Mahalo TIki and John Mulder.

Make sure to go to FACEBOOK to keep track of up to the minute updates of when this mug will be available.


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