Mahalo Tiki Exclusive Rockahula Tiki Mug by Tiki Farm

Mahalo Tiki is working with Tiki Farm to produce this awesome new glaze version of the Rock-a-Hula Tiki mug.   The Rock-a-hula tiki mug was created for the Tiki Oasis show in San Diego.

Rockahula Tiki Mug brown glaze

Rockahula Tiki Mug brown glaze exclusively for Mahalo Tiki

Rock-a-hula in a brown glaze.

“Rock-a-Hula” is a barrel headed, bass splappin’ mad man! He’s whacked alright! Rumor has it he can often be seen prancin’ around in his orange grass skirt and yup, that’s how we found him here as you are seein’ him right now! His noggin’ is marked XXX as his contents are guaranteed potent! Rock-a-Hula measures 7” in height and he’s a fanatic of 151 proof rum with his 13 ounce capacity screamin’ fill me up and make ‘er strong!

Please go to to purchase your Rockahula tiki mug.



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