Mayor Kenoi Proclaims “October 25th, 2013 – Body Glove 60th Anniversary Day” in the County of Hawaii

Last week, Body Glove International celebrated it’s 60th Anniversary with a party in Kona, Hawaii that was attended by the family of Body Glove and was open to the public.

Creature From the Black Lagoon and Mayor Kenoi

Creature From the Black Lagoon and Mayor Kenoi

The following night the party continued at the Wyland Gallery in Kona where Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker was signing merchandise and had his new Body Glove 60th Anniversary “Tiki Mug” release party.

Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker, Mayor Kenoi and Abbas Hassan

Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker, Mayor Kenoi and Abbas Hassan

Here is a photo of the new mugs:

Brad Parker Tiki Mug

Mayor Kenoi was on hand and proclaimed October 25th, 2013 as Body Glove 60th Anniversary Day in the County of Hawaii.

Meistrell Brothers, Abbas Hassan and Mayor Kenoi

Billy Meistrell (2nd generation Owner and Co-Founder of Body Glove), Russ Lesser (President), Abbas Hassan and Mayor Kenoi

Here is the proclamation that he read to folks in attendance:


WHEREAS, growing up in Missouri, twin brothers Bob and Bill Meistrell fell in love with the water. They dreamed of making a life in the ocean, and those dreams came true when the family moved to California in 1944; and

WHEREAS, in 1953, the Meistrell brothers turned their passion for the ocean into a business venture. They joined Bev Morgan and the three became business partners at Dive N’ Surf, the first dive and surf store of its kind; and

WHEREAS, Dive N’ Surf became quickly known for being the home of the first practical and commercially viable wetsuit, invented by the Meistrell brothers and Morgan. The name given to the suit – Body Glove, because it fit like a glove – has become an iconic brand worldwide; and

WHEREAS, over their sixty years in business, serious watermen and waterwomen worldwide have come to count on Body Glove’s products, and Body Glove-sponsored teams in surfing and wakeboarding are made up of many of the most skilled athletes in those sports in the world; and

WHEREAS, the values that have guided Body Glove for the past six decades – hard work, perseverance, love of family, and love of the environment – are values shared by the people of Hawai‘i Island and the many long-standing family-owned businesses that are the cornerstones of our economy; and

WHEREAS, we are honored to host Body Glove’s 60th anniversary celebration on Hawai‘i Island here in Kailua-Kona, home of local partners Body Glove Cruises and Tiki Shark Art Hawai‘i,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BILLY KENOI, Mayor of the County of Hawai‘i, do hereby proclaim October 25, 2013, as BODY GLOVE 60th ANNIVERSARY DAY in the County of Hawai‘i, and we hope to celebrate many more Body Glove anniversaries in the future.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused The Seal of the County of Hawai‘i to be affixed.  Done this 25th day of October, 2013 in Kailua-Kona, Hawai‘i.

Billy Kenoi

Here is the link to the full article:

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Body Glove International 60th Anniversary Party in Kona, Hawaii

Body Glove 60th Anniversary

Body Glove 60th Anniversary Logo




Body Glove Kicks Off Their 60th Anniversary on the Big Island

Body Glove International, the original surf and dive industry pioneer and creator of the first commercially viable wetsuit will celebrate its 60th Anniversary in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.  The family-owned and operated business is excited to share its heritage and history via a kick-off party at The Royal Kona Resort on October 24, 2013 at 4 PM at Don the Beachcomber – Bar area.

The event will be open to the public with a free live concert by Grammy nominated Henry Kapono and Body Glove giveaways courtesy of its Hawaiian partners – Body Glove Cruises and Tiki Shark Art Hawaii Inc.The two day celebration will continue with a Body Glove / Tiki Mug Release party at The WYLAND Kona Oceanfront Gallery on Alii Drive October 25, 2013 at 6 PM to 9:30PM – open to the public as well.

State and City officials along with Surf legends and Body Glove Team Riders will be in attendance.

“We are excited to be sharing our history with the folks in Hawaii” stated Billy Meistrell – Owner and Senior Vice President “it is going to be the party of the year and all are welcome to attend and help us cut and eat the celebratory cake” he added.

Abbas Hassan SVP for Tiki Shark / Body Glove GCC had this to say, “we are honored to have the second and third generation of the original founding family members of Body Glove come to our island to celebrate this special event.

About Body Glove
Founded in 1953, Body Glove is a leading, worldwide water sports brand specializing in wetsuits, swimwear, clothing, footwear, accessories, and technology accessories. The company sponsors one of the most respected surf and wakeboard teams in the industry with such powerhouse names as pro surfers Jamie O’Brien, Cheyne Magnusson, Anthony Walsh, Alex Gray and Holly Beck and wake boarders Rusty Malinoski, Harley Clifford, Bob Soven and Jeff McKee. Body Glove and Jean-Michel Cousteau and his Ocean Futures Society have formed a legendary alliance to help preserve and protect the ocean while providing ocean and diving geared equipment to water enthusiasts around the globe. Some of the proceeds from the sale if those products go directly to Ocean Futures Society. Through Reef Check, SIMA’s environmental fund, and the Surfrider Foundation, Body Glove also works to preserve the purity of the waters it loves. Body Glove products are sold in the U.S. by a network of independent retailers. Body Glove is also sold in approximately 50 countries internationally.

Kenna Meistrell
Body Glove International
310-374-3441 ext 107

Local Hawaiian contacts:

Tiki Shark Art Incorporated  – 808-989-7310

Attention Farah:

OR – Abbas Hassan:


Body Glove Cruises – 800 551 8911

Attention Margie:



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New color glaze for our Kai Ku Tiki Diver Mug

Check out this awesome new glaze that John Mulder put together for our Kai Ku Tiki diver mug.

Really sets the mug apart from all the other diver mugs out there.  It is a tan glaze with the dark colored diver helmet.

Kai Ku Tiki Diver Mug

You can see the new glaze on the Kai Ku Diver Mug to the right.

Right now these awesome tiki mugs are in the pre-order stage.  If you would like to pre-order a mug then please click HERE.


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Mahalo Tiki is now a official Brad ” Tiki Shark ” Parker retail dealer.

We are very proud to announce that Mahalo Tiki is now a retail dealer for the work of Brad ” Tiki Shark ” Parker.

His artwork can be purchased in our new retail store or online.  We will be adding more of Brad’s products very soon.

We will also be taking the artwork on the road to major tiki events.  Look for us.

We are also going to be the Tiki Shark Representative at Tiki Oasis 2013.

Brad Parker tiki shark

This is a selection of Tiki shark prints that we carry.

You can go to this link on our website to purchase online :

Or you can stop by our retail store at:

3667 Recycle Road #10 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Phone: 916-265-1241


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A Tiki Watering Hole in Sin City By Darin Mecher

A Tiki Watering Hole in Sin City

Frankie’s Tiki Room – Las Vegas, Nevada

By Darin Mecher

Mahalo Tiki’s Las Vegas Correspondent

 Frankies Tiki Room Las Vegas

Greetings from Sin City dear Mahalo Tiki denizens!  I have taken a hiatus from writing for a few months due to my relocation to the one and only Las Vegas, Nevada!  I have arrived with my lovely wahine, Dharma and my son Brendan and we have acclimated well to the desert lifestyle.  Fortunately for us, we have been here many times before and are enjoying it even better as locals.  One place that we always made a point to visit whenever on the Ninth Island, was one Frankie’s Tiki Room – a wonderful original Tiki oasis right in the heart of Las Vegas.  Just a few blocks west from the north end of the famous Strip on Charleston, this unassuming bar sits nestled just west of the I-15 interchanged referred to by locals as “The Spaghetti Bowl”, due to the crazy intertwining of highways 15, 93, 95 and a few other numbers thrown in and around for good measure.  Fortunately, the bar is easy to find once you head west from the I-15 at Charleston, just look to your right for the nice pink neon sign inviting you to come on into Frankie’s  Tiki Room.


 Frankies Tiki Room front


I could give you all the normal details and information, but you could just Google “Frankie’s Tiki Room” and get all the info you needed.  Some highlights from the factual electronic blacktop include:

Ÿ         The inside of Frankie’s was designed by Bamboo Ben, a world class tiki bar designer and grandson of Eli Hedly, the original “beachcomber” that searched the world high and low for décor to help design Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room and the Aku Aku, once famous as part of the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas.

Ÿ         Great Tiki artwork abounds, with works by Shag (a cool carnival game and “vice tester”), Doug Horne and Tom “Big Toe” Laura – one of my personal favorite tiki paintings called “Ruby’s Delimma”.

Ÿ         Great original tiki carvings by Tiki Bosko, Tiki Ray, Leroy Schmaltz, and Crazy Al Evans.

Ÿ         There are around ten tiki mugs for the collecting with everyday drinks and sometimes there are tiki mug events and launches.

So there are some facts, now for the rantings of a local and regular Frankie’s bar goer – me.  A typical night will find you sitting in the dimly lit wondrous tiki wonderland that is the inside of Frankie’s.  Where the outside of the building is sparse, the inside is so chock full of tiki and lowbrow items that you are basically overwhelmed and have to adjust not only to the low atmospheric light, but also to the plethora of wonderful pieces of art and vintage brick a brack.  The bar area is well lit and is well stocked with the essentials, menus, stir sticks with little “Frankies” on them wearing shades (I believe one of the bar tenders once told me this was a likeness of the owner, P. Moss, but I’m not sure on that account), and a variety of little sticks with which to put any number of tropical fruit pieces on the drinks.  The drinks are a wonder to behold.  The regular menu has around 20 full blown over the top tiki tropicals along with normal cocktail line ups.  The newest thing going on at the bar is that on specific Wednesdays of the month, they are unveiling around 6 or more new drinks for the tribe to try.  These do not appear on the menu and you have to pay attention to social media or the word of mouth from the bar’s faithful to know what is going on and what to order.  It lends a bit of mystery and is really enticing to someone who can go the bar any time he or she wants to!

My drink of choice at the moment is The Scurvy.  This was unveiled a few months ago and to be honest with you, I’m not really sure what is in it.  I see them throw aromatic bitters and some kind of syrup into what appears to be about five different rums, but I really don’t pay close attention since my history with this bar has proven to me that all the drinks are great, and POTENT. 

Two of their normal cocktails, on an empty stomach, will definitely having you wanting to join the love fest.  For those who don’t care so much for the really tropical sweet things, be aware that some of the drinks are bitter and some are even “flat” or neutral – a nice taste and a quick get to where you want to go.  If you aren’t even the cocktail type, you can enjoy a variety of beers.  There is also much in the merchandise department.  You can get a T-shirt, of which there are choices or even a tank top. 

My wife Dharma and I generally like to sit at the kidney shaped bar table on the restrooms side of the bar.  For one thing, you are close to the always pumped in vintage surf and rockabilly music and for another thing, you can direct those Frankie’s virgins who can’t really tell which restroom is which.  Here’ a clue – the door on your left is the Men’s and the door on the right is the Women’s.  We usually direct an average of ten people to the proper door during any given hour at the bar.  You can people watch and you can definitely sort the locals from the visitors and tourists rather quickly, but one thing we like is that everyone is welcome at Frankie’s and everyone mixes and mingles.  We often end up sitting with a few local friends and then have people from out of town join us.  The out of towners usually have already gotten an early start via the Strip, so they are tons of fun!

Frankies inside

The bar is 24 hours strong and the bartenders and bouncers are friendly, empathetic and dress the part in great Hawaiian shirts and all the trimmings.  I hesitate to call the main door guy / bouncer a bouncer at all since he normally just looks at I.D.s and then tells you to enjoy your stay while using your first name which he took from glancing at your I.D.  I know it is simple, but it is a nice touch.  I often remember that when we were visiting, how he would say “Have a great time, Darin.”  I remember being drunk a few times after my own early start on the Strip and wondering by what magic he learned my name when I didn’t even tell him.  I believe Dharma set me straight.  “He looked at your license, dummy!”

Well now he smiles and greets me before I show my license, my Nevada license, and he still tells us to have a great time.  We always do and I can safely say that you will too if you ever have the luck to be in Las Vegas at this particular Tiki Bar.

One great story is a Tuesday night I spent at Frankie’s last October when I had flown into the city on the job interview that paved the way for me moving and living in Las Vegas.  It was a slow night with only the bartender, an exotic dancer relaxing after work and a member of Las Vegas Metro’s finest the only company for me to keep.  We had some great conversations and not only did the bartender wish me luck, but a month later when I walked in as a local, he exclaimed, “You got the job!”  Now, how is that for Nevada hospitality? 

 Frankies bar

Frankie’s is located at 1712 West Charleston Boulevard, north side of Charleston, and the phone number is 702-385-3110.  Open 24 hours a day.  Light to fair traffic Monday thru Thursday, heavy traffic Friday and Sunday, and packed to the puffer gills on Saturday.

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Brand new Kai Ku Diver Tiki Mug by Mahalo Tiki

Just coming out of the Eekum Bookem kiln is the new Kai Ku Tiki Diver Mug.

This awesome new mug will be available very soon.

This one will be another limited edition run of 100 and there will be 25 super limited mugs.

These were designed and manufactured by John Mulder/Eekum Bookem and sold exclusively by Mahalo Tiki.

Mahalo Tiki Diver Mug

Kai Ku Diver Tiki Mug by Mahalo Tiki

Go to this link to get on the waiting list for this new mug.

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The Skipper Puffer Fish Mug by Mahalo Tiki

Mahalo Tiki is introducing our all new ” The Skipper ” Puffer fish tiki mug.

The Skipper Puffer Fish Tiki Mug

The Skipper Puffer Fish Tiki Mug

The Skipper is a great new mug that comes in many cool colors.

The Skipper measures approx. 5″ tall by 6″ long by 4″ wide

The mugs are made in a durable high fire stoneware

Click on this link to check out all the colors that are available.



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Mahalo Tiki presents our new tiki mug called Nukumanu

Ok….  I have actually had this mug out for a few weeks but I have neglected to post in our blog for a couple months.

I would like to present our NEWEST Tiki mug called Nukumanu.

Concept drawing for the Nukumanu Tiki Mug

Concept drawing for the Nukumanu Tiki Mug

Nukumanu is inspired by the art of Papua New Guinea, Nukuman is a small island off Papua New Guinea.

This mug was designed by our friend Philippe Tilikete. You can check out more of Philippe’s art on his own blog.  Click here to go to his blog.

Here is some words from Philippe on his design of the Nukumanu Tiki Mug.

“The Nukumanu Mug is a design based on Papua New Guinea art ( the Nukuma People ), i wanted to create a PNG mug with simpler/angular/geometric lines and shapes with an overall stockiness to it.
I tried to stay true to the attitude, fierceness and fun of the Papua New Guinea art.
The Nukumanu islands are formerly the Tasman Islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea, it thought this was a suiting name for this particular design.”

This is the Nukumanu mug in Bisque form with no glaze.

This is the Nukumanu mug in Bisque form with no glaze.

The Nukumanu Tiki mug measures approx. 7.5″ x 2.75″ and holds 20 ounces of your favorite cocktail.

This is a LIMITED EDITION tiki mug and no more then 100 will be produced.

Nukumanu was sculpted and manufactured by Eekum Bookum

Nukumanu in the redwood glaze.

Nukumanu in the redwood glaze.

The Nukumanu currently comes in a very nice flat redwood glaze.  This tiki mug looks like a real wood statue.

Nukumanu is sold exclusively thru Mahalo Tiki.  Please click here to purchase one these mugs.



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Tiki – A D.I.Y. Lifestyle Be Anything and Anywhere You Want to Be . . . And More! By Darin Mecher

Tiki – A D.I.Y. Lifestyle

Be Anything and Anywhere You Want to Be . . . And More!

By Darin Mecher


     I have detailed some of the things I like to call “Tiki 101” in my past articles.  I told you how I became Tiki obsessed.  I gave some tips on bargain Tiki hunting.  I discussed music.  Now, I would like to get more into the nuts and bolts of the Tiki lifestyle, the way I see them, and hopefully these might give you some inspiration and some direction for your own journey into the spirit of the Tiki.


The Tiki lifestyle is, above all else, a do it yourself lifestyle.  There are only guidelines and things that people involved generally enjoy and have passion for.  But there is much crossover.  And much uniqueness among the denizens of the land of Tiki.  Some are purists and try to recreate images they have seen and loved from pictures from the 40s, 50s, and 60s.  Some add so much modern flare, that the only recognizable thing is the Tiki itself – the central theme and the icon of the lifestyle.  And even the Tikis come in all sizes and varieties.  There are traditional and modern and whimsical and you name it.  So, obviously, this isn’t a lifestyle where you have to have certain things or have to do certain things or have to act a certain way.  You can just be yourself and show your own personality and your own place in the Tiki lifestyle.  Don’t take my word for it.  There are plenty of web sites and message boards and places on the internet where you can see and hear what others are doing and saying.  I have found inspiration there and I have also found things that I do not want in my version of the Tiki lifestyle.  I have created my own version and my own evolving lifestyle.  I encourage you to do the same.


Discussion of Tiki lifestyle often leads to the problematic question “what exactly is the Tiki lifestyle?”  This irks me many times because I spent many years of my life trying to explain what rock-a-billy was and you find out that different people have different definitions and that the actual things that define a lifestyle and a culture evolve and change, sometimes extremely quickly.  Like any lifestyle, if your goal is to keep up with the Joneses, good luck.  But if you really have passion and interest and love certain things – you can have all the lifestyle without all the baggage of envy or coveting another’s tiki.


Ok, so here’s my best at the moment answer to the question, what exactly is the Tiki lifestyle?  To me, it encompasses all the pieces of the puzzle that any culture has – you have a physical / spiritual piece, a musical piece, a style piece, a design piece, and an artistic presence that helps define and shape personal attraction to the culture.  In other words, Tiki lifestyle would, of course, have to include Tikis.  The definition of a Tiki bar is a bar with Tikis in it.  So this physical piece is definitely essential or why call it Tiki lifestyle?   You have surf music in all its many forms.  You have Polynesian history displayed in dress and style and food.  You have artists that interpret what the Tiki lifestyle is and you take cues from that.  But all of that is the physical manifestation.  My true answer is this:


Tiki lifestyle is the lifestyle of representing the vintage era of Polynesian Pop culture through décor, food, music, dress, and art.  This vintage era was established by Polynesian restaurant chains, Tiki bars, Tiki lounges and Hollywood art directors who catered to a post World War II desire to bring the exotic home to the mainland featuring modern interpretations of what the Pacific island chains were all about with special emphasis on Hawaii, Tahiti and Easter Island.  In the five decades since, revivals of the Tiki culture have added even more mythological aspects – things that we connect to Tiki are more Gilligan’s Island and Trader Vic’s than real historical facts gathered from Pacific island culture through the millennia.  Tiki culture is essentially an American mid-century kitsch culture where a mythological god of hedonism calls to the working class and offers a safe harbor from the stresses of mundane everyday living and working for the weekend.


     Textbook, right?  My non textbook answer is – Tiki is SEXY!  That’s right, sexy!  Think tropical drinks and exotic food and girls in bikinis and people drunk playing ukuleles.  It is the whole idea of the exotic that entices one to the Tiki lifestyle.  We all like to imagine we are on a tropical island with our lover sipping exotic drinks and wearing next to nothing as we watch the sun set and hear the natives sing exotic songs over exotic food.  You get the picture.  I can go somewhere I’ve never actually been.  I can time travel to a time I wasn’t even alive.  I can become a man in that place and time simply by immersing myself in the ideas and the thoughts that make up the culture.  It really does become addictive and before you know it, you are finding like minded people and you are building a Tike room or bar at your house and people are coming over dressed like they are in the 1950s and everyone is drinking drinks that were once made famous by Don the Beachcomber.  You have artwork on your walls of pin up girls being chased by big Tikis with lovin’ on their minds.  You have friends who excitedly call you up to tell you they have found another Martin Denny album at a flea market WITHOUT A SCRATCH ON IT.

I have heard it likened to being a punk who enjoys relaxing and listening to lounge like music every once in a while.  A real cool and chill type feeling that is chased and caught every time you enter a Tiki bar or a Tiki room or even just put on the cool sounds of the islands.


So, if you were hoping for a step by step tutorial, I don’t have one.  I didn’t use one.  I went to a Tiki lounge one day.  I started collecting Tikis.  I got into the music and the scene, as it were.  Before I knew it, I knew all the artists and had made new friends and people were telling me about Polynesian restaurants and Tiki festivals around the country and on and on and on.  Now I have a room in my house that when people enter it they feel like they have traveled back in time.  People pick up the Tiki mugs and we talk about the certain drinks that came in them and we show pictures of people in the past who dressed up to go drink and carouse and suddenly we want to do that to.  We want to make eating out an event.  We want to create new exotic concoctions.  We want to decorate a room in thatch and bamboo and make it our “island getaway” at home.  We find new ways to display our collections.  We find new ways to express our passion.  We live it.  The Tiki lifestyle.  On our own terms and in our own way.  Anyone and Everyone can join in.  So grab a mug, get some grog, and let’s start a party!


Need I say more?

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UFO Tiki Mug by Gecko’z South Sea Arts for sale by Mahalo Tiki

UFO Tiki Mug sold by Mahalo TIki

UFO Tiki Mug sold by Mahalo Tiki and made by Gecko’z South Sea Arts

  • This is a 1 of 1 glaze of the UFO Tiki Mug created this year
  • The mug measures 7″ by 7″ and holds 32 ounces of fluid
  • Design by Thor
  • Sculpted by Squid
  • Manufactured and glazed by Gecko’z South Sea Arts
  • This piece is numbered and signed by Gecko
  • The glaze on the UFO is a silver chrome finish and has developed a very nice patina
  • The alien is a brown glaze with had detailed tattoo’s

Go to the Mahalo Tiki store to purchase this one off piece of fine tiki art.



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